WordPress Webmaster America

So are you looking for a WordPress Webmaster in America? someone who can take the workload and help you with your WordPress site? My name is Mike and i am the WordPress Webmaster in America that you are looking for because I help you with the technical side of your website, because I know this is a time-consuming job and you do not have time at all. You need to focus on your company and not on the website .

You probably searched for WordPress Webmaster America in Google and now you have come to my website and that is great! yes for you and of course for me because now you have found a reliable partner who can help you with all your WordPress problems.

Would you like to receive a non-binding fee from me? Send me an e-mail or fill in the email form.

Michel Diepeveen - Webmaster

WordPress website maintenance

  1. Your website is really important but you don’t want to worry about it you’re busy.
  2. You are busy all the time with WordPress updates you don’t want that.
  3. Your WordPress website is slow and you want to speed it up.
  4. You spend a lot of time on maintenance and find it annoying, company focus is number 1 for you
    How are you going to do this now?

How does it work?

If you have chosen a maintenance plan, you will provide me with your login codes, and I will immediately start working for you.

Your website will be placed directly in a special system where I reserve a place especially for you. From here I can also monitor the up and downtime of your website. So I will immediately start actively to improve your website. Think, for example, of a speed test and a malware scan.

Within 5 days, your website is fully under my management and you benefit from all services from the maintenance plan, all you need to do is focus on your own business.

You can ask questions or your wishes directly via Whatsapp, you can always call or email if you prefer. I’m going to do everything to take your website to the next level.

Any doubts? just call mail or app me.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is the market leader and is the most popular CMS system of our time. Millions of websites run on the open source platform WordPress.

The WordPress CMS is used by both small and large companies. There are also a lot of plugins and templates available for free and paid. With the plugins you give your website extra functionalities.

By choosing WordPress you choose a safe, reliable and stable CMS.

Yes i also make a great WordPress website for you if you want.

Your website will be a lot safer than before, I take care of that.

I install various security plugins and set them best for your website.

In addition, the up and downtime is monitored.

Nobody is waiting for spam bots or hackers. So I provide good security.